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Personal Web Page

Personal web pages are World Wide Web web pages designed by a person to consist of content of an individual nature rather than on behalf of an organization, company or institution. Personal web pages are fundamentally used for entertainment and informative functions but can similarly be utilized for individual career marketing, personal expression or social networking.

In addition frequently used interchangeably with the word "personal web page" are the terminologies; "personal web site", "personal home page", or most generally just "home page". These terminologies do not normally signify just a single "page" or HTML file, but to a cluster of pages and linked files under a usual URL or Web address. In stringent technical words, a site's real home page (index page) frequently only comprises scarce content with some appealing or catching introductory material and functions mostly as table of contents or pointer to the content-rich pages inside, like résumés, hobbies, family, family genealogy, opinions, a blog, online journals and diaries or other writing, sound clips, work, photos, movies, or other attractions. Several personal pages only involve information of attraction to family and friends of the author but some can be substantial topical web directories.

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