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From near the beginning of 1995s majority of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have given a toll-free small personal, user-created page alongside free Usenet News service. These were all regarded as part of complete Internet service. On the other hand, various free web hosting services for instance Geocities offered free web space for personal web pages. These free web hosting services would generally incorporate web-based site administration and a few pre-configured writings to integrate an input form or guestbook script into the user's site with a lot of ease. From the early 2000s, the upsurge of blogging simplified the making of personal web pages additionally, with transportable, free ready-made blogging writings and applications such as My Blog. Altogether, a personal web presence became simpler with the intensified fame of social networking services, some with blogging platforms like LiveJournal and Blogger offered an appealing and CMS that are used with ease.

With the downfall of the dot-com effervesce at the turn of the century the ISP industry strengthened and the concentration of web hosting services moved away from the existing ISP companies to autonomous Internet hosting services and to ones with other memberships. For instance, several television companies and university departments offered personal pages for on-air personalities or professors as a gratuity. Web hosting companies either offer a service that is "free" for personal web pages or charge a fee per month. These are valued or limited in accordance with the whole size of the entire files in bytes on the host's hard drive, or by bandwidth or by some mixture of both. For those clients who persist using their ISP for these services, national ISPs normally go on to offer both disk space and aid involving ready-made drop-in writings.

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