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Several people uphold personal web pages as a means to convey opinions or creative activities that otherwise would not have an outlet. They also offer a connection from the world to the person along the lines of a telephone book listing.

For them that are not knowledgeable in HTML and other Web technologies, individual accounts with social networking services may be quicker to establish for making a simple personal Web presence, as long as the page's author does not protest to the network's online advertising. Institutions like universities frequently offer home page services to their members which are both world-readable and advertisement-free deprived of registration, though the information might be subject to institutional regulations.

A personal web page can be utilized for self-aggrandizement, to offer swift access to information, or simply as something "cool". The personal web pages can be used to contact strangers, and to make and describe one's own identity online. It can proffer context for numerous online endeavors. It can be utilized to mend the record on something, or clear up possible confusion between you and someone with similar name.

First personal web pages were frequently known as "home pages" and were meant to be set as a default page in a web browser's predilections, typically by their owner. These pages would frequently comprise links, todo lists, and other messages their author considered valuable. In those days when search engines were in their early stages, these pages could be an imperative resource in searching the web.

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